The ozone bed sterilizer KZ-X-DL1 made in Guang Dong, China has just been released into various markets around the globe over the past few months.  On June 3, 2009, Guangzhou Kangzhen Medical Equipment Co. Ltd announced the increased availability of this portable machine. The manufacturer also took this opportunity to point out some of the equipment’s benefits.

Although the bed and mattress must be encased in a specially sealed plastic bag for the system to work properly, sheets and other items remain in place in the room where they are used by the patient.  Once hooked up, the equipment runs through an automatic cycle that creates its own ozone for sterilization.  Through a set of vacuum and pump phases, deeply embedded pathogens are directly exposed to the ozone and killed.

This procedure can be used in addition to normal steam pressing of linens for sanitization purposes.  In this way, ozone exposure creates an additional level of protection against cross-contamination in hospital settings.  This method is superior to UV light as an additional step for sterilization of bedding because light only sanitizes the surface.  Getting a pillow clean requires the sterilant to reach all the nooks and crannies where germs reside.

Hospitals are well known for their tendency to promote the spread of nosocomial diseases.  Immune systems that are already stressed tend to be more susceptible to these secondary infections.  The potential of being in close contact with other patients and the items that they may have touched magnifies the risks involved in any stay. The challenge medical personnel face is to create a healthy environment within a setting where hundreds if not thousands of people with different illnesses are routinely exposed to each other.  Infection control and decontamination of bedding is a constant concern for hospitals all over the world.

Flu Epidemic Spurs Action In China

Poor sanitization practices when dealing with patient linens is often the ‘Achilles heel’ of infection control programs.  Lately, China in particular has been proactive in limiting the chances of cross infections.  During the past few months they have sometimes been criticized for quarantining visitors from countries that have an ongoing rampant epidemic of the H1N1 flu.

Chinese health officials have set up special hotels that continue to be used strictly for this purpose.  Everything in those rooms must be thoroughly decontaminated for the protection of quarantine patients and future tourists. This new product from Guangzhou Kangzhen would no doubt come in handy in this situation.

Actually, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use ozone sterilization as a standard practice in any type of high traffic setting.  Hospitals are simply the logical place to start in the U.S. Perhaps hotels around the world will be next.

About Guangzhou Kangzhen Medical Equipment Co.

The company was founded in 2003. Since then it has built a reputation in China for excellent research, development, and application of advanced technology.  Their goal is to bring to market innovative products using state of the art medical technology that streamline or improve patient care.

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