BioTool AG has announced its newest electrical sterilization tool for laboratories.  The e-Loop is designed for use in extreme conditions and poses none of the safety risks presented by open flame or gas sterilizers.  This stainless steel micro-incinerator anneals needles and inoculation loops for reuse.  Inside the metal housing is a quartz tube that can be heated in a few minutes to the appropriate temperature (around 900 degrees Celsius).

The actual sterilization process takes only seconds and the display notifies the user when the unit is no longer too hot to touch.  Additional safety features include a pre-operation locking system for the internal tube and a spray protector to shield the end user from pathogens that may be present on the inoculation loop.  The metal exterior of this equipment can be easily cleaned after use.  The interior quartz glass tube is also very sturdy – the ideal material to withstand repeated use and high temperatures.

Keeping the presence of open flame to a minimum makes sense.  Burns are one of the most common lab injuries.  Accidents involving Bunsen burners are a frequent cause of catastrophic property damage.  In light of these risks, investing in an e-Loop is easily justified.  This doesn’t just apply to professional laboratories.  Teaching environments where inexperienced students are performing inoculation loop sterilization can benefit from access to this type of equipment as well.

About BioTool

This company is a new-comer to the laboratory sciences field.  Founded less than 5 years ago, the corporation nevertheless continues a fine Swiss tradition of providing precision OEM equipment to laboratories around the world.  BioTool focuses on bringing innovation to the marketplace at a competitive cost.  The manufacturer demonstrates its understanding of customer needs by developing advanced technology to streamline common procedures.

Media Preparation

The Mediaprep (Proficlave) PC10 sterilizer comes standard with an intuitive touch screen interface to make training easy.  The fully metal-housed unit is designed to prepare Agar solutions in batches as large as 9 liters.  This model can be programmed with a variety of user selected parameters.  The Agar formula may be prepped and maintained at the preferred point in either a single or double cycle.  Accurate control of temperature and stirring can keep the materials at the specified stage for several hours.

This accessible bench top unit is designed for straightforward use and maintenance.  The inner vessel can be lifted out for washing, and the equipment features an automated self cleaning cycle for day-to-day sanitation.  Safety is a priority, so locking systems that prevent the lid from being opened during operation are an important part of the design.  Temperature controls ensure the Proficlave doesn’t overheat.  A thermal printing device is provided on this model for recording job parameters.  PC ports are present on the front and back of the machine for interfacing with a computer for greater flexibility.

The company makes versions that are compatible with electrical standards in Europe, the U.S., and Japan.  If your lab handles cultures on a regular basis, you may be interested in both the e-Loop and the Mediaprep products as well as other standard autoclaves and sterilizers.  To find the right equipment for your environment, start with this free report.