LTE Scientific LTD recently unveiled a new line of 7 cylindrical laboratory autoclave models that come with an air ballast system as a standard feature.  These new Touchclave-R autoclaves are easy to use because of the Touchscreen panel.  At the same time, their state of the art menus with multiple levels of security prevent any unauthorized tampering with cycle settings.

These general purpose autoclaves contain an exceptional range of features that make the machines work safely and more efficiently.  Standard installed equipment includes the following:

– A pneumatic door lock/seal with no levers or bolts means a simple push and start the cycle procedure.   The door locks and seals automatically. It retracts and releases when the cycle is finished.

– An 8 program touchscreen control system makes it easy to use.  It also allows simple choices among available options.  On screen prompts are user friendly and provide flexibility.

– The air ballast system allows sealed and unsealed fluids to be cooled quickly and efficiently.  This greatly improves cycle times and helps prevent breakage when processing media.

– A load sensing and processing timer will make operation safe and efficient.

– The fan assisted cooling system reduces moisture in the load, while creating faster cycle times.  This is dynamic and in chamber, providing cooling directly to the load.

– Temperatures between a range of 105 degrees Celsius and 136 degrees Celsius are reached during cycle operation.

– 40, 60, 120, or 160 liter capacity models are available.  This means a variety of specific needs can be met for each customer.

All but the 40 liter size machines are available as either a top or front loading model.  Steam is produced from the heaters submerged in the chamber.  Sensors prevent a cycle from starting or continuing without sufficient water in the reservoir.  This can be filled either manually or automatically depending upon situation and preference.

The smaller model is designed for bench top performance.  The other floor standing models can be moved around easily with casters.   All machines can be modified to run with the customer’s own external steam generator or supply.

Additional Information on LTE Products

Optional packages can include a vacuum system to assist the cooling process and a data archive that can store up to 5000 cycles on a single flash card.  Other available features are an effluent retention and filtration system for allowing category 3 loads and extra heating power to boost cycle times for sterilization.

LTE Scientific’s new series of autoclave can be modified to meet most applications.  These cylindrical chambered autoclaves meet tough industry standards.  They enhance versatility, performance, and productivity.  Most important they are reliable.  Flexibility, adaptability, and ease of use make this new model line an attractive option to consider.

The company continues to make improvement upon their products.  Their customer service is back up by skilled technical engineers based out of their headquarters.  LTE was founded in 1947.  It is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of steam sterilizers and autoclaves, and other thermal processing products for all types of laboratories.  They have a worldwide network to support their customers in hospitals, education, biotech, research, and other technical industries.

Before you go ahead and make a purchase, take a peek at this free report.