The Miele company has come a long way since it churned out its first cream separators and washing machines over a hundred years ago. This German based company now offers a wide range of laboratory equipment including a full line of disinfection units like the new G7883. Reusing glass bottles and vials in lab experiments always introduces the risk of contamination, so sterilization is a critical aspect of valid and repeatable test results.

Miele glassware washers set the standard in an industry that has little room for error. Their motto “Anything else is a compromise” may seem like a stretch until you take a look at the exhaustive process the company goes through to ensure perfection. When was the last time you purchased an appliance that went through eight hours of quality control testing? Miele actually does just such an extensive inspection on every unit that comes off the assembly line. This is definitely not your mother’s Maytag.

The innovative G7883 is a stainless steel washer/disinfector that features solutions for laboratories all over of the world. Since it has adjustable water softening capabilities you can set it to compensate for mineral content in your local water supply. Preventing buildup in the pipes is always preferable to trying to remove it after the fact.

This standard undercounter model will work for most applications and is easy to use. You can select from eight different wash cycles or program one of your own. Detergent and neutralizer dispensing is automatic and you can format the interior of the machine with the interchangeable baskets of your choice. Miele is also happy to work with clients to modify equipment for customized applications.

Safety features include a steam condenser that eliminates the need for exterior venting so your staff doesn’t have to worry about fumes. The equipment shuts off automatically in case of potential overheating or flooding and this prevents damage to both the equipment and its environment. These days troubleshooting and software upgrades can be done remotely via the web reducing the need for on site technical assistance.

Appleton Woods Can Save You Money On The G7883

Miele has now partnered with Appleton Woods in the United Kingdom to distribute this high end lab equipment. Appleton Woods Limited (established in 1967) is a leading supplier of everything from centrifuges to autoclaves and specializes in meeting the needs of the life sciences market. This company is offering a voucher for 500 British pounds (about $900 USD) on the new G7883 washer until the end of September 2008.

One good reason to consider supporting Appleton Woods and Miele is their commitment to the environment. The G7883 washers feature a ten year life span, forced air drying, and low water consumption which is a good start. The manufacturing and distribution process has also been evaluated and adjusted over the years to reduce packaging waste.

You can visit LaboratoryTalk to learn more about this new business partnership between Miele and Appleton Woods. Be sure to request a product brochure and check out the specs on this equipment while you are there!