SP Industries has introduced brand new features for its line of disinfectors. It’s hard to imagine units working this well and yet being so versatile. A wide variety of specialty brackets can fit into both the upper and lower racks of the new Hotpack undercounter glassware washers. This ensures that enough special water jets are available to clean all your lab equipment thoroughly.

You have the option of either one or two direct injection spindle racks. As needed, you could properly clean up to 22 of those narrow necked pieces of glassware each for a total of 44. Those ‘dirty dishes’ will no longer pile up in your laboratory. As they accumulate you can place them directly into the washer under the counter and out of the work space.

These highly durable and well designed stainless steel machines have microprocessor control systems that ensure energy efficiency. Multiple cycle selections, temperature controls options up to 177F, and delayed start features allow you to get the best performance at your convenience. They can also be internally configured to meet your specific cleaning needs.

Operating one will not only make your laboratory work better, but look better too. The superior aesthetic design helps optimize your space requirements. You can purchase either freestanding or mobile units. Just fill the machine, select your settings or delay feature and leave. Your glassware can be washed unattended during your least crowded shifts.

You won’t have to worry about possible damage to any of your pipes. The washer has an exclusive triple filtration system that protects the plumbing and pump from broken glass debris. It also has separate wash and rinse pumps. Convection drying is an option or you can go one step further with the “One Touch” extra dry system. This assures all cycles are complete and the equipment will be ready to use when you need it.

Choose From Several Great Models

Available models include the H – 1115, H – 1125, and H – 1175. They all have almost identical capacity and performance specifications; but the H – 1115 does not come with the spindle racks, and the H – 1175 operates at 230V instead of the normal 115V. Check with your electrical engineer to find out what voltage your building’s wiring can handle best. For more specifications and links concerning this product, please visit LaboratoryTalk.

You should be able to observe these machines in action at a variety of trade shows that SP Industries intends to be involved in over the next few months. If you are in the area of one of these exhibits, then you might want to keep an eye out for them. These include:

11/16/2008 through 11/18/2008, the AAPS (American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists) Annual Meeting and Exposition held in Atlanta, GA.

11/17/2008 through 11/20/2008, the 47th Eastern Analytical Symposium meets in Somerset, NJ. This year’s gathering will concentrate on the theme of “go green”.

12/3/2008 through 12/5/2008, SemiCon Japan takes place in Chiba, Japan. This is the world’s largest exhibition for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials that actively promotes products and business relationships.