Earlier in July, LANXESS released the results of a new efficacy study on Preventol CD 601, an active ingredient in many of the company’s personal care and cleansing products. In a previous study in 2006 the ingredient was proven to be a highly effective biocide against the bird flu (H5N1).  Over the last couple of months, Giessen University researchers have confirmed that it is also an effective disinfectant against the new 2009 swine flu virus, H1N1.

Preventol CD 601 is a broad spectrum surface disinfectant containing phenolics and glutaraldehyde.  These compounds are highly effective at killing bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi.  This agent is designed to be a biocide that can be used in stables and other housing for all sorts of animals.  It prevents highly pathogenic organisms from gaining a foothold in livestock populations.  More importantly, it protects humans in healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and research settings.

Preventol is a proprietary active ingredient that is used in such items as disinfectant cleaner or bar soap. It cleanses and disinfects in one quick step.  This chemical agent is especially effective for situations in which there is high level of exposure to proteins and blood contamination.

Knowing that a certain product or ingredient functions well as a fungicide, bactericide, or virucide is great. However, it can be dangerous to just assume that it is effective against a novel pathogen.  Disinfectants should be tested regularly for efficacy against new strains of infectious disease.  Lanxess has taken the responsible approach of following up in precisely this way with the CD 601 product. The resulting confirmation of the chemical’s effectiveness against the novel H1N1 virus will be helpful in the coming months during the ongoing flu pandemic.


LANXESS is a wide ranging global chemical company that has 44 sites in 23 countries.  They currently employ over 14,600 people around the world and have been in business for more than 100 years.  Certain elements of the company’s core business began as early as 1863. Over the years they have acquired other corporations in many areas of the world.  They are currently in the process of buying out chemical companies in both India and China.

This corporation is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and has generated EUR 6.58 billion for the fiscal year of 2008. LANXESS has its main offices in Leverkusen Germany. They also have a large U.S. business division.

Most of their manufactured products include rubber, plastics, and intermediates as well as specialty chemicals. They make good use of their decades of expertise in developing innovative products and applications for a variety of industries.  LANXESS markets a wide variety of preventatives and biocides for paints and coating, wood protection, construction, foodstuffs, hygiene, and healthcare.

Product testing is obviously a critical part of the LANXESS business model. Regular autoclave testing should be an important part of yours. If you discover that your current equipment is not up to the task of fighting today’s rapidly evolving pathogens, you need to know about your options for equipment replacement. This free report can get you up to speed in just minutes.