Building better equipment requires creative initiative.  It is much easier for engineers to make designs more efficient if they have the right tools to generate and manipulate their new ideas.  ESTS (GB) Ltd, an established manufacturer of autoclaves and sterilizers, has recently upgraded their design computer software to Solidworks. This is a new 3D CAD program supplied by Innova Systems.

The simulation package will enable them to create virtual 3 dimensional models and generate useful manufacturing data without actually building a real life prototype from each concept.  This significant development in design capability allows designers to more readily experiment with cutting edge ideas in their effort to “build a better mouse trap” (or a better custom autoclave).

High tech sterilizers are critical safety components for laboratories that deal with biological material, especially when they are classified as containment level 3 or 4 (CL3/CL4).  Autoclaves must meet a high standard of operation.  It is not enough for them to simply go through a good sterilization cycle so that the contents are thoroughly decontaminated.  Such systems can break down over time.  This type of equipment needs to go through frequent rigorous testing to ensure its continued reliability.

These units often have a high initial cost and need to be built to last.  Ideally, a sterilizer should be designed for decades of continuous operation.  Perhaps just as critical is the amount of equipment a particular autoclave can process.  Faster sterilization cycles with the same level of efficacy will save significant amounts of time and money during day to day operations.

ESTS already manufactures a large range of autoclaves with various capacities that are currently used by many clients in the healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries.  These include bespoke autoclaves with capacities anywhere from 300 to 6000 liters.  With continuously improving designs in the pipeline, they will be able to continue to meet their customer’s needs.

About Innova Systems

Innova Systems has made it easy for ESTS to make the transition to using the new computer modeling program.  They provided initial technical training in an intensive 3 day course. This has helped the engineering team get the most value out of the new simulation software.  ESTS claims they no longer have any doubts about making the move to 3D CAD.   Having access to this high quality support will in turn help ESTS to serve their clients better by making more advanced products available.

Founded in 1997, Innova Systems is a rapidly growing information technology provider that is headquartered out of San Diego California.  They focus on matching state of the art application software with clients who can benefit from it the most.  The company provides hands on experience with creative solution packages that make day to day operations of many business models more efficient.

Immova’s customer base includes the U.S. Government Department of Defense.  They specialize in the implementation of web-based mult-tiered system architectures.  Custom solutions are applied with acute awareness regarding each stage of the entire lifespan of every application.

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