The recent baby food tampering incident in a Broward County supermarket in Florida reminds us of the importance of keeping our food supply safe.  Sealed containers that are opened on the shelf should be easily identifiable.  However, it is critical that we have confidence in the safety of the contents during the initial packaging stage as well.  One way to securely process edible products in sealed containers is via the cascading water method developed by Steriflow.  Sterilization carried out by this method renders food free of live contaminants.

The company has formed partnerships with many big names in the food industry (such as Nestle) in an effort to guard against the spread of foodborne illness.  Their thermal processing method allows very accurate counter pressure control when handling such items.

The Faerch Plast Company from Denmark recently designed a new and revolutionary plastic package.  It requires precision sterilization equipment for proper handling of the sealed contents.  The packaging was extensively tested in 2007.  This year, Larsen Danish Seafood selected the Faerch Plast Company’s packaging to use for their new line of fish paste product.  Compatibility with the Steriflow system was a major determining factor in this decision.

Upcoming Steriflow Exhibitions

This manufacturer will be present at a number of trade shows in the near future.  The list is extensive:

Gulf Food – EAU February 23-26th 2009
Foteg – Turkey March 5-8th 2009
CFIA – France March 10-12th 2009
Anuga Foodtech – Köln – Germany March 10-13th 2009
Seafood – Belgium April 28-30th 2009
Djazagro – Algeria May 18-21st 2009
Achema – Frankfurt Germany (Pharma) May 11-15th 2009
Fispal – Brazil June 15-18th 2009
Auspack – Australia June 16-19th 2009
Propak – Thailand June 17-20th 2009
Expopack – Mexico June 23-26th 2009

Notice the high number of shows associated with food/packaging the company has chosen to attend.  This is part of a concerted marketing program.  This French manufacturer based out of Paris obviously wants to make a global difference.  Increasing their visibility in the marketplace is part of that successful strategy.

Each year Steriflow autoclaves process over 12 million different products that are either produced by or exported to the United States.  They now have a worldwide network of distributors to support their international marketing plan.  Their push for visibility through these upcoming trade show activities demonstrates their commitment to continued growth.

More Company Information

Steriflow’s cascading water sterilizer with heat exchanger was invented in 1975.  Since then the company has continued to improve its technology and steadily increase sales.  In the U.S., the company is partnered with PhF Specialists, Inc. based in San Jose, California.  PhF is recognized by the FDA as a qualified process authority.  U.S. food processors seeking FDA approval for their canning facilities can work with PhF to have the temperature distribution in their Steriflow equipment validated in compliance with federal regulations.

This manufacturer also produces an air steam sterilizer for sanitization of IV solutions in PVC bags for the medical industry.  Other Steriflow purification methods are used for pharmaceutical product integrity.  They have a variety of options available depending upon the specific need.

If you require sterilization or autoclaving for any of these applications, click here for a free report.  This valuable information can help you make the right choice for your facility.