In June, Belimed’s Technick GmbH division made the “Top 100” list for small to medium sized businesses in Germany. This sterilizer manufacturer is being recognized in the areas of innovation-friendly management, marketing, and processes. Former state premier of Baden-Wurttemberg, Lothar Spath, presented this award at an official ceremony on 6/26/09.

The contest is in its 17th year and there were 319 competitors this time around. Being in the top one third may not seem like a big deal; but upon closer inspection Belimed’s numbers aren’t bad. In the two year period from 2006 to 2008, the parent company in Switzerland saw an increase in revenue from 89 million to 130 million Euros. This success is due in no small part to its German based research and production center.

Belimed Technick GmbH employs about 130 people and a significant number of them appear to be directly involved in the innovation process. The board of directors is well represented during brainstorming sessions along with the heads of each department and relevant senior managers. They provide the initial suggestions and set primary goals.

Next, the in-house Research & Development team takes over. These sales and marketing personnel, product managers and directors further define the objectives. This larger group is responsible for getting the ball rolling when it comes to the practical operational aspects of planning and implementing new features.

The company also credits its client base for some of its improvements. This manufacturer fully engages customers in the product development process. The R&D teams use this approach to effectively tap into a valuable resource that many businesses ignore. There is a risk involved in basing major changes on client feedback, but this strategy appears to be working out for Belimed so far.

Securing this recent award will no doubt boost the company’s confidence in its current strategy. Being flexible and addressing challenges in a direct manner certainly played a role in Belimed’s placement in the Top 100 this year. On average, the winners in this category used technical and operational advancements to reduce operating costs by 12 percent. In a shaky economy, the ability to remain profitable will no doubt depend more and more on this type of fearless initiative.

Company Profile

Belimed has its corporate headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. There are 11 subsidiaries in North America, Asia, and Europe. The company’s entire workforce totals over 800 employees. Authorized distributors span over 50 countries. This manufacturer specializes in the steam sterilizer and washer/disinfector field. These products are popular in hospitals for instrument processing. Bio-tech and pharmaceutical clients also make use of this equipment in research and production.

Currently, not all of Belimed’s newest sterilizers are FDA approved. 510(k) clearance is required before these medical grade devices can be marketed in the U.S. This review process can be lengthy. However, since the company has already been through it in the past they will no doubt be able to succeed in achieving approval for their new models as well.

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