Mercy Hospital of Folsom near Sacramento California was the site of a dramatically successful test of Lumalier’s TRU-D mobile room air and surface disinfection unit last year.  Since then the healthcare facility has implemented a comprehensive germicidal ultraviolet light disinfection protocol.  The manufacturer had originally claimed that it could achieve a 3-6 log disinfection of an entire room within 17 minutes without using chemicals.  Skeptical DOH officials told the company to prove their claims at the Mercy facility. Lumalier obliged.

That test proved the machine’s ability to sterilize an entire room up to or better than operating room standards.  The hospital continued to use and test the unit in other environments including a quarantined MRSA patient room that was not cleaned at all before the test.  The DOH had already collected 14 positive samples of MRSA from various parts of the room including the toilet; so they knew the room was heavily contaminated. The results reviewed after treatment showed only one colony forming unit left in the entire room at the bottom of the base of an IV pole.  Operating room standards require less than five to remain.

Similar tests were done the same day at a Sacramento sobriety cell in the County Jail with equally impressive results.  These results continued to be repeatable.  Mercy hospital quickly decided to adopt the TRU-D as part of their standard infection prevention program.

What Is Germicidal Ultraviolet Light?

There are three different types of ultraviolet light:  UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C.  Each has different penetrating ability and each has different effects upon living tissue.

Germicidal ultraviolet light is the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is particularly effective at killing bacterial and viral agents.  No known pathogen can withstand prolonged exposure to UV-C light.  At the same time, it is relatively harmless to humans.  It has little penetration ability because it is absorbed by the outermost portions of the skin.  Only the retina of the eye can be slightly irritated by it.

UV-C light can destroy pathogens on any surface and within tiny droplets suspended in the air.  The TRU-D is designed to sterilize 360 degrees around the entire machine.   The light can get into nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach by any other means.  This process is beneficial because more thorough decontamination in infectious environments can substantially reduce the risk of hospital-acquired-infections.

More About Lumalier

The company was founded in 1963 to develop technology that would benefit the health of people all over the world.  Their specialty has been air sterilization.  Lumalier’s experience with innovative UV germicidal products has been noticed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Various peer-reviewed scientific studies have mentioned their advances toward effective control and elimination of respiratory illnesses.

There is a growing demand for these products worldwide.  The efficacy of this equipment makes it a very useful tool in preventing further spread of airborne diseases in healthcare settings.  This company has many different UV germicidal products that are designed for specific applications.  Before you buy any machine for sterilization purposes, click on this free report for more information about making a quality decision.