In April, Tuttnauer attended the CMEF show in Shenzhen, China. This medical device trade show offers a glimpse at the wide array of local and international manufacturers who market their wares in that country. The event hosted 3,654 visitors from other countries. However, this year Tuttnauer can be counted among the 53,000 local attendees. In 2008, this medical autoclave manufacturer established a new outpost in Shanghai. Michael Herr heads up this branch as sales manager and this brand new division enjoys exclusive control over the marketing of Tuttnauer products in China.

This location joins the already established headquarters in Europe, India and the U.S. in bringing a full array of sterilization solutions to markets in 110 countries. Knowledgeable product support technicians are available to provide after-sale services to customers in Europe and the United States. Tuttnauer has an 80 year history in delivering infection control devices to clinics, research institutions, and labs all over the world.

Instead of branching out into many different specialties, this manufacturer has maintained a sharp focus on the sterilizer, autoclave, and washer/disinfector niche. Rather than limiting the company’s opportunities for expansion, this approach has allowed them to reach a broad customer base. This includes clients who need standard models of all sizes and facilities that require turnkey solutions for large-scale applications. Tuttnauer’s products meet the demanding standards of the ISO, FDA, ASME and the CE requirements for medical devices.

Product Line

The Nova is this manufacturer’s most technologically advanced tabletop autoclave. It features pre and post vacuum cycles in a compact 23 liter size. This tiny unit is a popular option for dental offices. It can also be used as a supplemental sterilizer for operating rooms. Tuttnauer’s Nova is a freestanding piece of equipment that requires only a power supply and a small steam generator (supplied by the manufacturer) to be fully operational. It features a built in printer and a data port that can receive online updates and permit remote maintenance functions.

Mid-range autoclaves (340-600 liters) are part of the company’s 66 series. Each unit is constructed with a fully jacketed chamber, piping, and generator made of stainless steel. All models in this range can be outfitted with single or double doors. Customers can also choose between a hinged door design that automatically locks and a vertical sliding door that is fully automated. These sterilizers save energy by powering down to standby mode if left unused for 4 hours or more.

At the upper end of the scale, Tuttnauer offers several large capacity autoclaves including the T-Max. This sterilizer delivers steam temperatures of up to 279 degrees Faranheit and a chamber size of up to 1300 liters. Several safety features are built into this equipment. A safety lock prevents the unit from being opened when the chamber is pressurized. No cycle can begin until the machine is fully closed and sealed; steam will not be released into the chamber unless the door is shut. In addition, an obstruction detection system prevents the doors from closing if an object (or an operator’s hand) is in the path.

Large manufacturers such as Tuttnauer offer so many different options that it can be hard to determine which one is ideal for your application. If you are confused by the wide variety of autoclaves on the market, take a moment to read our free report to clarify your needs.