Mere cleaning is not the same thing as decontamination or sterilization, but it is an important step in the overall process. Sanitization is part of a protocol standard that requires a whole list of procedures for proper implementation. The CDC recommends that reusable medical equipment be pre-cleaned before sterilization. An ultrasonic cleaning system is many times more effective and much faster than scrubbing by hand. L & R delivers equipment that can replace such manual cleaning. In May, the company also introduced a new line of UltraDose solutions that make using their ultrasonic cleaners easier than ever.

This is how the complete cleaning/decontamination process works. First, the instruments are pre-soaked in a special solution called PreZyme.  They are then rinsed in water before being cycled through the ultrasonic unit. Often a special cleaning solution is used during the ultrasonic process to gently sweep all blood, soil, and tissue debris away from the sensitive instruments.  After another rinse in water the instrument tray or basket is soaked in protective Barrier Milk™ before the contents are sterilized in an autoclave.

What’s New

The UltraDose line of solution products includes:

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution
  • General Purpose Cleaner
  • Tartar & Stain Remover
  • Plaster & Stone Remover
  • UltraDose Germicidal

All of these are under the UltraDose trademark.  They are powerful single use super concentrates and powders specially formulated for specific applications. These packets offer the advantages of requiring less storage space and being easy to use. The solutions are quick acting and eliminate the possibility of mistakes in measuring the correct dose.

More About L & R

L & R Manufacturing Co. makes two cleaning systems called SweepZone and Quantrex for the medical/dental industry.   SweepZone can be used for dental, infection control, industrial degreasing, jewelry, and watch maintenance.  L & R makes other ultrasonic systems that clean firearms and special breathing equipment for police, military, and fire/rescue teams.  Each of these systems uses different blends of solution to promote efficient cleaning specific to the needs of the tools in question.

Each system tank manufactured by L&R has similar cleaning ability. The power is adjusted to the size of the tank and the application it is being used for.  The size of the object being placed in the tank makes a difference in how fast the cleaning takes place.  An object that is too large for the tank size, even if it seems to physically fit, will make the process inefficient and drastically slow things down.  That is why it is important to get the right system and size of tank for your specific application.

Water alone cannot be used within the tanks. Instead, the process requires a cleaning solution that is specially formulated for the job.  Solutions for medical and dental use should be changed daily. For jewelry and a few other tasks the solution can be reused much more often.

Headquartered in Kearny, New Jersey, L&R has been a world leader in ultrasonic technology and applications for over 70 years.  They promote a cleaning challenge and request customers to provide details of their toughest cleaning task.  L&R engineers and chemist will analyze the dilemma.  They will find a reliable and cost effective solution to the problem in a timely manner.

No matter what your specific cleaning task is, you will want the best and most cost effective autoclave or sterilization equipment to complete the decontamination process.  Click on this free report to find valuable guidance.