European Sterilization & Technical Services or ESTS (GB) Ltd can provide timely and prompt service for most any sterilization equipment still in use today. They manufacture a wide variety of large multi-cycle laboratory autoclaves and sterilizers between 300 liters to 6000 liters capacity. If a walk in sized autoclave is your need, then ESTS (GB) Ltd can provide it. If there is a specific sterilization problem, then they can usually solve it. Such versatility attracts the attention and business from a large number of prestigious UK based organizations.

Their professional service for these devices goes far beyond the products for which ESTS actually manufactures. They are a complete manufacturing and service provider that can meet the decontamination equipment needs of most any laboratory. Even if they do not manufacture it, they can usually still service it. They can upgrade existing equipment so that complete replacement of existing autoclaves maybe unnecessary. Their long list of proprietary spare parts enables them to provide service to machines that are outdated or when the original manufacturer no longer provides support. This creates more viable options when considering the best solutions for unique sterilization needs.

All equipment provided is compliant to all applicable internationally recognized norms and European regulations. Their high quality assurance and compliance to criterion are independently verified and CE marked. Although their standard sized autoclave is 600 liters capacity, they can custom design and manufacture 300 to 600 liter machines that meet the requirements of high security containment levels 3 and 4 (CL3 and CL4).

Up To Date Technology

Their modular PLC based control system and full color touch-screens can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment. This gives the client flexibility when configuring systems during autoclave refurbishment. The user friendly interfaces allow the operator to select, start, and monitor multiple cycles.

The relevant information on temperature and pressure can be viewed in real time and/or stored for archival purposes. Each cycle can be monitored and recorded independently. Run time diagnostics provide an alarm log and historical record for any potential fault and can be done remotely through an optional but dedicated modem link. This time and date stamped data can be useful for performance management.

Fully automatic water and energy conservation systems are important aspects to ESTS designs. Normal features include vacuum assisted air removal systems and exhaust filtration. Load transfer systems and stainless steel laboratory discard containers are optional.

Clients have come from a variety of industry sectors:

  • Hospitals/ Healthcare
  • Medical Research
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biotechnology
  • Dental
  • Veterinary
  • University and Research/ Education
  • Food and Beverage

The chamber is usually the most expensive part of an autoclave. The typical lifespan of the apparatus as a whole is approximately 10 to 15 years under normal operating conditions. The control systems are generally the limiting factor in durability. If the chamber is still in good shape after the normal lifespan, then enormous savings can be obtained by simply upgrading those outdated control systems. This can allow the client to stay within budget while maintaining operable equipment.

ESTS specializes in options that can meet all of these potential customer needs, including financial considerations. For more details and additional links, please click on FindTheNeedle.