Question: Where can I buy SSI-100 Spore Test – SteamPlus Sterilization Integrator 100/pk ?
Answer: You may purchase Spore Test – SteamPlus Sterilization Integrator 100/pk HERE

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Question: Where can I buy EMS-052 Sterilizer – Spore Test Mail-in System (52) ?
Answer: You may purchase the Sterilizer – Spore Test Mail-in System (52) HERE

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How often should I perform biological monitoring (BI) (spore testing)?

Correct functioning of sterilization cycles should be verified for each sterilizer by the periodic (at least weekly) use of BIs. Users should follow the manufacturer’s directions concerning the appropriate placement of the BI in the sterilizer. A control BI (not processed through the sterilizer) from the same lot as the test indicator should be incubated with the test BI. The control BI should yield positive results for bacterial growth. In addition to conducting routine biological monitoring, equipment users should perform biological monitoring.

  • Whenever a new type of packaging material or tray is used.
  • After training new sterilization personnel.
  • After a sterilizer has been repaired.
  • After any change in the sterilizer loading procedures.

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