According to Bill Smith CEO of cPac (The Cox Rapid Sterilizer Manufacturing Company), some handpiece manufacturers in the past have been concerned about our higher temperature and if it has a deleterious effect on handpieces.  On the contrary, our technology has been documented (tested and proven) not to degrade the handpiece operating life.  Our RapidHeat Sterilizers operate at temperatures significantly less than the 500+ degrees F. operating temperatures of the Viton, Torlon, Radel and fiber optic components commonly used in handpieces. Actually, our RapidHeat sterilization extends the life of handpieces due to the fact there is no moisture or water used in the process to potentially corrode and abrade the key operating components of the handpiece.

Another interesting note of Interest:  CDC Infection control dental guidelines focus on insuring sterilization of the internal mechanism of handpieces which can easily be contaminated with patient material.  Unlike steam, which requires direct contact of steam to sterilize, our RapidHeat technology is a convective/conductive dry heat transfer process that dehydrates and kills microorganisms.  It is much easier to sterilize using RapidHeat than to rely on steam to seek out portals of entry to reach the narrow lumens of the handpiece internal mechanism.  Moreover, unlike our HVHA technology, there is a lengthy drying process for steam required by FDA which is a must for prolonging the life of the handpiece.

Thank you –
~Shlomo Savyon
Your Sterilizer expert