I have been reading some very interesting articles in Pharmaceutical Technology regarding new sterilizers.

They all deal with a similar subject of sterilization methods and validation.

While in most cases the traditional methods of steam or dry heat sterilization work well, there are circumstances where these or even EO sterilization fails to meet the requirements.

Materials may be degraded or they are too sensitive to be exposed to moisture.

With this thought in mind there seems to be a few new methods on the horizon for solving the current issues.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Vapor-phase hydrogen peroxide
  • Nitrogen dioxide gas
  • Chlorine dioxide gas
  • Carbon dioxide

All four are explained in detail in the article i have attached for reference.

What is important is that we continue to search for new methods to sterilize safely and effectively and have a method to prove the process.

*Reference Source: Emerging Sterilization and Disinfection Technologies Offer Alternative Solutions

Thumb-ChuckSterilizer expert Charles Fishelson first joined Sterilizers.com, an industry leader, in 1995 and still serves as their Vice President today. With the high risk of infection that humans face today, why would you trust anyone besides an expert?

In this episode Charles and host Kimberly Henrie discuss the history of sterilizers and autoclaves. They begin with the fact that sterilizers and autoclaves were first being used in the late 1600s, but didn’t become popular until nearly 200 years later! (more…)

Thumb-ChuckCharles Fishelson is a sterilizers expert, and with the high risk of infections in the world today, why wouldn’t you trust your sterilization needs to an expert? Charles first joined Sterilizers.com, a leading industry expert, in 1995 and still serves as their Vice President today.

In this episode Charles and host Kimberly Henrie discuss how to tell if your sterilizers and autoclaves are working correctly. The two waste no time and begin by talking about an article about someone who contracted a disease during a dentist appointment. Tune in now to hear Charles’ thoughts on that! (more…)