There are multiple reasons why your cycle could have halted.

1. If the display reads:” The Door Has Opened, Sterilization Cycle Aborted, Press Stop To Continue,” then that means the door switch opened after the initiation of a cycle. To fix it, press the STOP button and allow the chamber to depressurize and cool, drain the chamber, and restart the cycle, ensuring that the door is securely closed this time.

2. If the┬ádisplay reads: “Cycle Halted Due To Heatup Exceeding Maximum Heatup Time, Push Stop To Reset,” this means the temperature in the vessel has not reached the specified set point within 115 minutes. To fix it, make sure your water is filled at the beginning of the cycle, and ensure that there are no leaks or cracks from the solenoid valves or door gasket.

3. If the┬ádisplay reads:”Cycle Failed Due to Over Temperature Condition, Press Stop. To Continue,” the temperature inside the chamber has exceeded more than 5C above the set point. Retry by pressing the STOP button, allowing chamber to depressurize and cool, draining the chamber, and restarting the cycle.

4. If the display reads:”Cycle Failed Due To Low Temperature Condition, Press Stop To Continue,” it means that the temperature inside the chamber dropped more than 1C below the set point in a liquid cycle, or more than 5C in any other cycle. To fix it, follow the same procedure as #3.

5. If the display reads:”Drying Cycle Aborted Due To Closure Of Door, Open Door To Continue,” in means the door switch closed during the drying phase. In this case, open the door. The drying cycle will continue automatically from the point at which it quit.

Thank you –

~Shlomo Savyon
Your Sterilizer expert