In New York State this is the law, if your salon or spa doesn’t have an autoclave, you are breaking the law and not considering the safety of your clients or that of the operators.

Go only to spa or salons with autoclaves and if the one you frequent doesn’t have an autoclave show them the law and ask why

General Business Law Article 27

May 2015

§160.17 Cleaning, disinfection or sterilization of implements (a) Disinfectants used for reprocessing implements must be registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a “hospital grade disinfectant” and the active ingredients and scope of activity clearly described on the original label.

1) EPA approved hospital grade disinfectants must be used in accordance with the manufacturers’ directions for the intended implement or surface.

(2) Categories of EPA approved hospital grade disinfectants that are recognized for use on implements or environmental surfaces include ethyl or isopropyl alcohols, phenolics, quaternary ammonium compounds, iodophors and sodium hypochlorite.

(b) Implements requiring sterilization shall be autoclaved or immersed for no less than 10 hours in a liquid sterilant registered by the EPA.

(c) Reprocessing standards.

1) After each client use, combs, brushes and other implements that are used on the hair shall be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent to remove all hair and scalp debris, rinsed thoroughly, dried with clean toweling or other absorbent material, and completely immersed in an EPA hospital grade disinfectant. Such implements shall be soaked for 10 minutes or more, removed, rinsed, dried and stored in a drawer, cabinet or covered container.

(2) After each client use, electric razor heads, cuticle scissors, and other implements which may abrade or clip superficial layers of skin shall be cleaned with warm water and soap or detergent, rinsed thoroughly, dried with clean toweling or other material, and completely of the intended process.

(e) Transport of “clean” and “dirty” equipment to and from remote locations. All supplies and implements shall be transported to and from the remote location in covered containers. Clean implements and supplies (e.g., towels) shall be kept in containers separate from those implements and supplies that have been used and marked according to their status.immersed in an EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations for the implement, and no less than 10 minutes. Following disinfection, the implement shall be rinsed, dried, and stored in a drawer, cabinet or covered container.

(3) Implements that are intended to penetrate skin or enter pores shall be either single use disposable or subject to sterilization. Implements that will be reused shall be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent, rinsed and sterilized after each client use. Implements that will be autoclaved shall be packaged prior to sterilization.

(d) All solutions and equipment used for disinfection or sterilization shall be stored, maintained and monitored so as to protect from contamination and to assure the continued integrity.