In April 2009, a new line of medical autoclave – the BRAVO series – received FDA approval to proceed with marketing. The new sterilization product was developed by SciCan Canada and is just now making its rounds in the US.  These are table top vacuum steam sterilizers that operate at high pressures. This optimizes the conditions necessary to penetrate a load and effectively kill infectious organisms in a short period of time.

The equipment’s microprocessor allows for complete automation during sterilization cycles. Instruments are placed inside a sterilization tray that readily fits inside the autoclave chamber. There are 10 preset sterilization cycle programs to choose from.  Once the cycle is selected and the door is closed, simply press the button.  This activates the chamber door locking mechanism and the selected cycle runs automatically.

Models include capacities of 17 or 21 liters.  The new autoclaves function with an advanced fractionalized vacuum system that completely removes air from hollow and porous materials during the sterilization process.  It has a dedicated and exclusive steam generator that is designed to be gentle on instruments yet effective at the same time.

Superior processing speed and stability is maintained by the advanced control system.  The thermodynamic parameters are monitored throughout each sterilization cycle.  The convenient LCD display informs the operator of any errors and supplies guidance on how to fix the problem.  A cycle can be interrupted at any time by pressing and holding the stop button for three seconds.  Pressure within the chamber is returned to normal.  Reset instructions are displayed.  An error code for the cycle is recorded and printed out on any attached printer.

The door can only be opened manually once it is safe to do so. The drying phase of the cycle depends upon the preselected setting.  A gradual return of the chamber to normal atmospheric conditions is preprogrammed.  Once completed, the door can be safely opened for the retrieval of the processed load.

The intended market includes hospitals, clinics, and individual medical and dental practices.  Only medical and dental instruments that are heat and moisture resistant and those that are certified by the manufacturer as compatible with the steam sterilization process should be used with this device.  This autoclave was not intended for the sterilization of any liquids or pharmaceutical products.

About SciCan Ltd

The company started in 1957 as a way for its founder, Arno Zwingenberger, to introduce European podiatry products into the Canadian market.  Since then, they have drastically expanded and now supply over 5400 different products to the medical and dental community. They are currently headquartered in Toronto, Canada and have approximately 400 employees worldwide.  They do business primarily in the North American and European markets.

One of the most notable products manufactured by SciCan Ltd is the Statim Cassette Autoclave.  It is known for its rapid and efficient 6 minute sterilization cycle.  The convenient way this equipment is set up and operated makes it ideal for the dental and body art markets.  One of the primary advantages of using their system is maintaining organization of all instruments.  An added plus is that instruments can often be sterilized in between patients with little wait time. This drastically reduces the need for multiple instrument sets.

Some of these advantages were kept in mind during the design and development of the Bravo series.  It only makes sense to get the most out of what is available on the market.  Click on this free report for helpful tips in finding the best autoclave for your business.