A flash drive or CD wouldn’t fare well in the intense environment inside an autoclave, but the new DataKey SlimLine memory tokens available from Nexus are able to cope more than adequately. These miniature data storage units have been tested in both ethylene oxide and autoclave sterilizers for multiple cycles. So far the manufacturer has not discovered the failure point for these hardy devices. DataKey has streamlined the manufacturing process by choosing the right materials to create a low cost product that can be used again and again. You also have several vibrant colors to choose from!

Hospitals are finding these tokens to be a versatile and user friendly replacement for information previously stored in bar code form. The units incorporate firmware (executable software programs coupled with circuitry) that is rewritable and can allow two way communication with matching receptacles. Medical staff can use these carefully controlled devices to review patient records securely without having to access a computer using a login and passwords. Data uploading and transfer are also possible with these tiny key cards and they have many applications in both medical and pharmaceutical R&D settings.

In situations where errors can be fatal (such as heart catheter calibration), the SlimLine tokens offer a way to program medical devices without the risk introduced by human intervention. Fail safes are also put in place to allow the user to check before each use whether or not data on the token has been corrupted. Of course, the data keys can be popped back in the autoclave between jobs to keep them as germ free as the rest of the equipment used for these life saving procedures.

Tokens can also be programmed to monitor equipment use so replacement of components such as DNA testing cartridges can be carried out precisely on schedule. Off the shelf software is available for some jobs, and your Nexus dealer can work with you to customize programs to meet your lab or medical center’s specific needs. Click over to Applegate.co.uk to get contact information for this exclusive distributor of DataKey components in the United Kingdom.

Nexus GB Hits The Road

The Embedded Systems Show in Birmingham will be featuring products of interest to embedded software developers, systems engineers, and end users alike. Nexus will staff booth number 222 in Hall 8 at the exhibit on October 1st and 2nd. They will be showing off many of the DataKey Electronics products they distribute including the autoclave resistant memory tokens and the receptacle styles they connect with. The new splash and immersion safe data cards will also be making an appearance.

Speaking of travel – the DataKey tokens and devices are ultraportable making them ideal for applications that require a patient to use them at home. The units are easy to operate and can increase compliance with treatment protocols by ensuring that the patient receives accurate and timely information. The rugged design and inexpensive replacement cost of these devices make this even more feasible for end users on a tight budget.