A pressure transducer is simply another name for a sensor and describes what it does. A new version of this mechanism is calibrated to work with the Kaye Validator, a stand-alone thermal validation system that ensures data compliance with EN554 and ISO-17665 medical equipment sterilization standards. The high performance of the new GE Sensing’s pressure transducer provides accurate measurements of both pressure and humidity throughout the entire temperature range of conventional steam autoclave operation.

It has a pressure range of 0 to 4 bar absolute with an accuracy of 10 mbar between 110 degrees Celsius and 140 degrees Celsius. Pressure calibration performed at 23 degrees Celsius and 121 degrees Celsius is fully substantiated to the ISO-17025 validity standard. The device delivers fast and accurate information about critical parameters during the manufacture or sterilization process.

Its main purpose is to help document compliance with medical sterilization standards through accurate measurements of the harsh environmental conditions necessary during the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical devices. These accurate readings are relayed to the Kaye Validator and recorded for quality assurance. The information obtained allows the machine to provide charts, graphs, and comparisons between actual data and projected data. Both devices working together provide improved data management and flexibility in reporting and analysis.

This monitoring instrument was developed by GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies as part of the larger GE Enterprise Solutions. They are innovators in advanced measurement and sensor based technologies that are needed in a wide variety of challenging industrial applications. This manufacturer specializes in sensing equipment that measures temperature, pressure, humidity, and gas flow rate under extreme conditions. Customers include those from oil and gas, power generation, aerospace, transportation, and healthcare industries. GE Sensing operates directly out of 40 facilities in 25 countries and has a worldwide industrial customer base.

The list of technical equipment they have developed is quite impressive. These include radiographic, ultrasonic, remote visual, and eddy current devices that allow testing or monitoring of materials or processes within manufacturing without any kind of disruption or interference.

What This Means For You

A better transducer to help monitor the sterile environment during the manufacture of medical devices ultimately ensures the safety of patients when doctors use these instruments. Risk of secondary infection from the use of these devices is reduced. Better and more complex instruments can be developed without the risk of contamination.

Authentication of the conditions under which these devices are manufactured is provided by the data collected by the sensor during the process. This recording of the parameters provides proof required by governing standards. Click on over to ThomasNet for details.

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