The International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and the Pharmaceutical Processing Journal have announced the winners of the first round of “Facility of the Year” awards for 2009. The Operational Excellence nod goes to Hameln Pharma – a German manufacturing firm. This recognition spotlights the company’s new sterile processing plant that just opened in the spring of 2008. It has quickly risen to become one of the best aseptic manufacturers in its field. The plant garnered high praise for its low cost, streamlined design. It was also commended for being up to date with all relevant regulations. Construction of this location was accomplished in 25 months – quite an achievement for a project of this scope.

Outstanding performance potential and competitive manufacturing costs were two key criteria for selecting the winner in this category. Quality control and a commitment to excellence played a large part as well. The operations director, Dr. Dahlmanns, accepted this honor on behalf of the company at the Interphex trade exhibition in New York. The doctor acted as head of construction during the creation of Helman’s state of the art facility. Her comments on the award indicate that the manufacturer is excited about being a contender in the final round of evaluations. The jury of international pharmaceutical industry experts will announce the ultimate winner for Facility of the Year in November. The company outstripped over 30 competitors to receive the Operational Excellence ranking. This bodes well for its chances to achieve the top spot this fall.

Dr. Dahlmanns and her design team have created a logical and highly organized manufacturing process that is laid out to maximize efficiency. It features an innovative U shaped configuration that allows the filling systems to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the production process. The interior partitions in the plant are transparent wherever possible to make observation and communication easy. Each step of production from the receipt of raw materials to the shipment of the final output has been meticulously scrutinized. Being able to build a facility from the ground up has allowed the Hameln Pharma team to create a manufacturing process that wastes no time. Employee safety has not been neglected in the pursuit of profit; the entire system is built around common sense principals that keep the workplace and equipment clean and in good working order.

More About Hameln Pharma

This company is a leader in the sterile production of injectable solutions. They have worked with the World Health Organization as a contributor to the 2006 report on specifications for pharmaceutical preparations. Hameln also collaborated on a study published in the European Journal of Parenteral Sciences in 2000. The paper focused on the effects of high temperatures on glass ampoules when subjected to various sterilization techniques including autoclaving. These sterilized ampoules can interact with Water for Injection affecting its pH and conductivity. Final paremeters were shown to vary widely depending on the length and type of cycle used. If you have questions about what autoclave or steam sterilization process is best suited to your production needs, start your search for answers by reading our free report.