The new Logiclave porous load sterilizers are a perfect fit for health care systems in the United Kingdom and around the world. They are specifically designed to meet the relevant requirements for autoclaves including such regulations as HTM2010 and BS3970. Since an independent third party verifies that appropriate manufacturing processes are used and each machine is CE marked, you can rest assured that your autoclave has been fully vetted before leaving the factory.

Each unit comes standard with the ability to store data internally so it is easy to provide ongoing proof that your machine is performing within the appropriate parameters. You can print your records out or view them digitally using the existing software. An additional feature lets you transfer data to the computer of your choice to store results as long as you like.

Equipment which is designed to sterilize porous loads must have the ability to create a strong vacuum to remove air from such materials as linen before the cycle begins. The Logiclave is up to the task; it features stainless steel valves and pipe work that can withstand the heat and pressure required for effective decontamination. The interior and exterior of the machine are made of this same durable and corrosion resistant metal making it an attractive addition to any laboratory or hospital environment. Single and double door models are available in a range of sizes and customized larger equipment can be built upon request.

ESTS (the British manufacturer of these autoclaves) is especially proud of its partnership with B&R in developing the high quality, multi-function control panel. The graphics are easy to read and the processing portion of the controller is able to interface with many different platforms. The unit can be programmed for a variety of standard and custom user jobs to meet the needs of your industry. In a nod to sustainability, these controllers can even be retrofitted to upgrade existing autoclaves and extend their useful lifespan. The company is also offering fully refurbished sterilizers for sale which provide a significant cost savings to their customers.

Ongoing Maintenance Is A Snap

You can ensure that your Logiclave is continuing to destroy fungi, bacteria and other contaminants by taking advantage of ESTS’ scheduled maintenance program. Highly trained technicians can not only keep your machine in good condition for 10-15 years – they are also on call 24/7 for priority customers who may require emergency service during non-business hours. Talk to a sales representative to find out what service plan will best meet your corporation’s needs.

As your autoclave ages, it will need replacement parts. ESTS is committed to keeping a comprehensive inventory on hand including door seals, valves, and other crucial components. They supply spares for many different manufacturer models – not just those in their own extensive product line. Here is yet another indication that this company is serious about increasing sustainability rather than promoting planned obsolescence. You can look forward to keeping your autoclave running at maximum efficiency for as long as possible with the help that ESTS provides. You will find even more information on this corporation’s product line by visiting