LTE has a number of events on its calendar for 2009. Next week (May 11-15) they will be participating in the ACHEMA tradeshow in Frankfurt Messe. This international meeting happens only once every 3 years, so there are sure to be quite a few new technologies on display. A wide variety of process industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology will be represented at ACHEMA. Over 4,000 exhibitors will fill the halls at this enormous event. LTE will be one of about 400 British companies making the trip to Germany to attend. Their line of Touchclave autoclaves will be of interest to large and small customers alike. Units in the LTE line of products range in size from 40 liters to over 1000 liters.

At the smaller end of the scale are the Touchclave-R models. These are designed for general purpose steam sterilization and are available in both benchtop and stand alone styles. Each piece of equipment has a number of safety features. One is a microswitch that keeps the machine from being activated unless the doors are locked and sealed. The system also monitors the cool down period and only allows the load to be accessed when it has reached a safe temperature.

The air ballast system in these autoclaves permits liquid media to be processed quickly and efficiently. It keeps pressure in the chamber high to prevent breakage of containers while reducing the overall cooling time. A touchscreen allows users to view important operating information instantly. It can also be programmed to restrict access only to authorized personnel. In the event that the water level is depleted beyond a functional limit, the unit automatically shuts off to prevent damage to the equipment through overheating.

Other Autoclaves From LTE

The Touchclave-Lab sterilizers are larger units that are available in the high tech K series and the budget conscious F series. Both versions offer a water conservation system that processes exhaust condensate to reduce waste. They also feature a silent air compressor, 8 program touchscreen controls, and pneumatically operated doors. The K series also delivers an internal data storage system so each cycle report can be archived within the machine itself. A water jacketed chamber provides top of the line cooling efficiency. All of LTE’s products are now coated with an anti-microbial agent (Sterling AntiBac) to help keep the equipment sterile.

For porous loads, many medical and processing facilities choose a multi-purpose (MP) unit. These autoclaves can be equipped with sliding doors in either a horizontal or vertical configuration. Each unit includes a printer in addition to data archiving capabilities. The MP models are high grade stainless steel and feature fully jacketed, polished interior chambers. All of LTE’s multi-purpose sterilizers meet BS3970 and BS2646 standards. They are also independently tested to comply with international safety regulations regarding pressure systems. This manufacturer builds custom autoclaves as large as 10,000 liters to meet even the most demanding, high capacity requirements. If you are in need of a sterilizer or autoclave, you can find out what brand and models are compatible with your work environment with the help of our free report.