The Parenteral Drug Association (PDA) Training and Research Institute has a full spectrum of courses available for 2009.  The Institute focuses on laboratory and classroom training in all aspects of the pharmaceutical and bio-pharmaceutical industries.  This includes training in sterilizer and autoclave validation protocols.

Research and manufacturing facilities require test results and finished products that are free of contamination.  They must also take precautions to ensure that their technicians are not unwittingly exposed to potentially harmful substances.  Keeping the lab environment and production lines in compliance with health and safety regulations is made possible using a combination of disinfection and autoclaving.

Mistakes or incorrect handling/maintenance can cause thousands of dollars in damage to sterilizing units.  More importantly, experimental results that rely on sterile equipment for validity can be called into question.  The time and effort required to redo any potentially inaccurate trials can be substantial.  Errors in product batches designated for distribution are another major concern.

It is imperative that all personnel who come into contact with autoclaves be properly briefed regarding correct use.  This type of training is often provided by the manufacturer upon installation.  However, employee turnover can bring new staff members in contact with the sterilization equipment at any time.  PDA offers two solutions for laboratories to keep their workers up to date on the latest in aseptic processing requirements.

Classroom Training

The PDA Institute is located in Bethesda, MD and boasts a state-of-the-art teaching facility.  This training center is designed to simulate an actual manufacturing environment with a filling room, component prep lab, and areas for gowning and clean staging.  The campus also offers fully equipped microbiology, CIP, and biotech laboratories.  This allows students to get hands on training in a variety of realistic settings.

People make mistakes while they are learning, so PDA lets them do this without affecting your company’s equipment or production schedule.  The classes are taught by industry professionals who add value to these courses by offering advice from their own experience in the workplace.

Upcoming courses include an Advanced Aseptic Processing program (#600) in June and a Steam Sterilizer Validation class (#322) in October.  Both courses will cover how to validate autoclaves to meet U.S. and EU regulations.  The course in June deals with a variety of inspection and auditing issues including disinfectant efficiency testing and sterile filtration concerns.  The October class is more basic and will cover time saving methods to streamline the validation process.

On-Site Training

PDA is also happy to bring its experts to your location.  You can choose the topic that fits your current needs and a qualified course instructor will tailor the classes for your staff.  If you have a number of people who need the same type of training, it often makes sense to pay the airfare for one teacher to come to you rather than for several students to fly to Maryland.

Having experts on hand when you need them is always a good thing.  Getting knowledgeable advice for free is even better!  For information that can help you make your next autoclave or sterilizer purchasing decision, see our report here.