Impeding the growth of micro-organisms on the surface of laboratory and medical products reduces the chance of cross-contamination during normal handling. BioCote Ltd has developed a silver based powder that is used to do exactly that. The silver technology can be incorporated into a variety of materials at the manufacturing stage. BioCote gave Priorclave permission to produce autoclaves using this technology in an exclusive agreement. This biocidal surface coating is now standard for all their autoclave products. Protection lasts throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

This safeguard is an enhancement for sterilization and not a substitute for good hygienic procedures. Still, a recent study conducted by the Heart of England Foundation Trust at the Heartland Hospital showed that use of biocidal coated products reduced bacteria in the working environment by 95.8 percent. Further, unprotected equipment used in the same environment as the protected materials had a reduction of surface microbes of about 43.5 percent! After this dramatic positive result, Prioclave and BioCote have extended and renewed their longstanding partnership for an additional 3 years.

This ground-breaking innovation has proven highly effective at limiting the proliferation of many micro-organism including MRSA, E. Coli, Legionella, Pseudomonas, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Staph. aureus, and Aspergillus niger. This broad spectrum biocide is also highly effective at inhibiting the spread and growth of a wide variety of other bacteria, mold, and fungi over a 24 hour period.

Silver has long been used in medicine in various forms as a germicidal agent. Other heavy metals such as mercury and lead were identified as germicidal agents too (killing everything from bacteria, to viruses, to fungi, to people) so their toxicity precluded their standard use in medicine. In contrast, silver compounds were preferred before the development of modern antibiotics because of its relative non toxicity. The actual use of silver compounds for treatment in medicine continues to be studied.

The major advancement with this particular silver technology is the development of stable alloy like properties on the surface of the material so that the germicidal effects will basically last as long as the product does. To find out more about this silver bullet against microbial ‘werewolves’, click on the link to PharmaceuticalTechnology.

Who Are These Partners?

BioCote Ltd (located in Wolverhampton Science Park in the UK) creates global partnerships with many manufacturing companies in various industries that include healthcare, laboratory, leisure, food and catering, and the public sector. Their silver coating can increase safety in a wide variety of environments where cleanliness and hygiene are a priority. Such places include washrooms, kitchens, offices, gymnasiums, schools, etc. They have specific support packages and programs to help their partners incorporate antimicrobial technology into their products.

Priorclave was founded in 1988 by a group of people who specialized in the laboratory industry. This company from the UK operates out of South East London and has a manufacturing facility of over 2500 square meters. It primarily makes laboratory autoclaves for the food, drink, dairy, health and pharmaceutical, electronic, packaging, and plastics industries.

All Priorclave products are made with safety and quality in mind. They meet all relevant EU and UKAS standards. Production is done under a BS EN ISO9001 Quality System.