Germgard Lighting LLC claims to have developed and patented a new, extremely fast surgical instrument re-sterilization system.  This could revolutionize the sterilizer market.  It represents such a quantum leap in the relevant technology that news stories are sweeping the internet.   This six minute sterilization system has captured a lot of interest. Such a piece of equipment would create a huge potential for cost savings. It would also deliver increased treatment efficacy.

However in many reports, there has been an unfortunate lack of detail in the description of the product in question.   Most of the available information focuses upon the generalization that this method is unique and that the company is in excellent position to take advantage of it.  The New Jersey based company stresses the benefits of a short cycle time in comparison with other room temperature and gas sterilization techniques.  They point out that this feature could save billions of dollars for large healthcare facilities, military field hospitals, and ambulatory surgical centers.

Germgard has developed (in the past) an ozone generation process that can be used for quick surgical tool sanitation.  When they combined this procedure with an ultraviolet light treatment, synergistic effects help destroy virtually 100 percent of any potential pathogens in just a few minutes.  Both the ozone and the ultraviolet light can penetrate into smaller and more delicate features of instruments than other gas and steam sterilizers can normally do. Simply put this emerging technology does a better job. Short cycle times at or near room temperature causes less wear and tear on devices being disinfected.

These are exciting claims.  Verification that the process works as well as the manufacturer says could trigger drastic changes in how standard sterilization procedures are performed in most healthcare environments.  It seems to do what most thought was impossible just a few years ago. The equipment is slated for availability at a price similar to that of many comparably sized autoclaves.  Consumers interested in the advantages of quick turnaround of critical instruments will no doubt be first in line to buy.

Conservative caution is warranted.  Even Germgard says that they would not replace their ‘old steamy’ until this has proved itself admirably under real life everyday working conditions.  Immediate practical applications will likely include those that will simply enhance the current decontamination system.  The transition to any possible total replacement will likely be gradual.

About Germgard

This privately owned start-up company has several patents pending related to sterilization.  Their hand sanitizer is a shoe box sized device that uses UV-C light to remove 99.99% of all pathogens from the surface of bare hands without any irritation in as little as 3 seconds.  Their patented instrument sterilizers have already been mentioned.  They also have an indoor air sterilization system patent pending.

The founder (Dr. Eugene I. Gordon) has an impressive world renowned background in science and engineering.  He has successfully worked in a number of other industries including semiconductor lasers and fiber optics.  Dr. Gordon has held high profile positions at a number of big named companies, such as AT&T and Hughes Aircraft.   He has also founded a number of other emerging technology businesses.  Co-Founder (Peter E. Gordon) has 10 years of semiconductor and photonic industry experience.  He is also a registered Washington lobbyist for those industries.

Germgard’s specializes in solutions for the medical industry.  They invent, develop, and market cutting edge technology adapted toward sterilization.  Their goal is to partner themselves with others around the world to successfully and rapidly manufacture and distribute their sterilizers.  For more information about autoclaves and sterilizers click on this free report.