LGInternational in Portland, Oregon has added a new design to its label arsenal that will allow technicians to make sure they are using clean equipment. Sterilization monitoring labels come in both permanent and removable varieties to fit the needs of your business. Each autoclave label has an ink strip that will change color when exposed to appropriate levels of heat. LG also produces similar products for use with gamma radiation and ethylene oxide gas sterilizers making their selection one of the most versatile on the market.

These tags provide an easy way to reduce human error in the lab. You now have an opportunity to make sure that employees do not grab a test tube or flask to use that has not been through the decontamination process. Each label has a blank space provided for you to fill in with other tracking data as well. You don’t have to write in your data by hand either if you choose the thermal transfer printable variety.

The manufacturer advertises the inks they use as being resistant to fading, cracking, and flaking. the stickers themselves are tear resistant and able to stand up to the harsh sterilization environments where they will be used. The company is also happy to customize labels for your specific job requirements. You can find out more about this new line of labels at ThomasNet.com.

Please keep in mind that the use of these stickers is not a substitute for the required testing schedule and methods you are currently using on your machines. In order for researchers to be positive that test results are not contaminated, it is still necessary to follow regular cycles of maintenance. These indicators are only to be used as verification that your current batch of equipment has been exposed to the conditions that will change the ink color and cannot ensure that your sterilizer meets all other operation specs.

Other Recent News From LG International

This corporation has expanded its reach to Malaysia by acquiring United Colors in Penang. The buyout happened in January of this year. The purchase adds to LG’s manufacturing and distribution markets in that booming area of the world. The international headquarters in China and representative office in Singapore are also part of the LG group of locations.

More recently (in August of 2008) the company has added a huge section to their website that shows customers how their labels are made. These “training” modules include information on pressure sensitive labels. If you have ever wondered what makes them stick, now you have an opportunity to learn. Apparently each label has 4-5 layers made of different materials. From the liner to the UV top coat, each layer serves a different function.

The education section also gives manufacturing details about membrane switches and the label printing process. LG has flexographic, letterpress and screen printing equipment as well as the newer digital variety at its disposal. Thermo forming and film insert molding round out this cadre of high-tech manufacturing machines making LGinternational a definite front runner in the race to provide solutions to laboratories around the world.