On June 18th, Getinge USA, Inc. received the 2009 Suppliers Performance Award. This is an honor bestowed by Premier, Inc. – a coalition of 60,000 healthcare facilities and hospitals across the U.S. Premier is dedicated to improving performance in the health field in measurable ways. Collecting data and evaluating outcomes is one of the things they do best. An award from this organization is based on an in depth review of a full 12 months of data and is a real marker of achievement.

Getinge is being recognized specifically for operational excellence. The sterilizer supplier achieved this status by meeting and exceeding Premier’s high expectations. This year, the company shared the award with 45 suppliers including such well known names as GE and Kimberly Clark Healthcare. The ceremony was held at the Premier Annual Breakthroughs Conference and Exhibition in California. Mike Alkire, president of Premier Purchasing Partners, commended the winners on their ability to ally with the healthcare community in providing better service.

Other Getinge News

In February, the company announced the receipt of its first order for a new product. The Getinge ISOCYT Freja is an isolator that is designed for use in hospital pharmacies during cytotoxic preparation. The handling of these dangerous cancer treatment medications requires special care. The Bourg en Bresse hospital in France is hoping that the ISOCYT will increase prep safety, productivity, and sterility. Installation should be simple since these units are designed to fit through standard doors and into hospital elevators.

The Freja equipment uses H2O2 vapor to ensure the ongoing sterility of the preparation at every stage. The unit features sturdy stainless steel and glass construction. These materials do not tend to absorb hydrogen peroxide, so the sterilization process is quicker than it would be if the interior was plastic.

Each component is protected throughout the entire preparation process in this leak proof, fully sealed isolator. The waste ports are secure; so any hazardous materials can be disposed of with appropriate care. This machine can handle up to 50 prep cycles per day and accommodates two technicians at a time.

To make maintenance simple and safe, the gloves can be replaced at any time during the preparation process. This replacement does not break the seal. Another useful feature is the option of keeping open vials in the containment area. There, they remain in sterile condition and can be used for the next batch of cytotoxin. Since these drugs are often quite expensive, the cost savings accrued through waste reduction can be significant.

Each batch of hydrogen peroxide sterilant is coded and RFID tracked. The Getinge Steritrace II sterilization system automatically checks the expiration date on the container to ensure that it is still effective. Since H202 breaks down over time, this information is crucial. The data is stored and can be retrieved for validation purposes. The isolator automatically tests for leaks. It also provides a safety lock for the chamber to prevent inadvertent exposure to the toxic contents.

The Getinge line of products also includes steam sterilizers. If your hospital is looking for a replacement for your current unit, take a moment to request our free report. It gives you all the basic information you need to make the right selection.