Flame Sterilization is typically used to prevent cross-contamination from commonly used tools in the laboratory. Inoculation loops and needles are especially susceptible to harboring microbes left over from previous experiments or procedures. Microbiologists, other laboratory scientists, and technicians normally heat these instruments to red hot temperatures both before and after each use.

Such an open flame could be a safety concern during high volume use, within high traffic areas, or where gas use would be dangerous. Other methods to produce the same red hot sterilization temperature might be more practical. An electrical alternative to flame sterilization does not use gas or open flame to achieve the desired 900 degrees Celsius (1650 degrees Fahrenheit) for optimal sterilization within 5 to 7 seconds. The SteriMax electrical sterilization system perfectly achieves these results in areas where gas or open flames are not permitted or available.

Once turned on, the SteriMax reaches its 1650 degree Fahrenheit operating temperature within just a few minutes. It is designed with safety in mind. After prolonged usage, a warning indicator notifies the user that residual heat has heated the exterior of the sterilization tube to dangerous levels that can burn any exposed skin. This is a passive safety device to merely warn the user of the very hot surface and that care needs to be practiced.

The 100% stainless steel housing is resistant to the most extreme laboratory conditions. The low and stable ergonomic design is optimal for repetitive operations. The interior tube into which items are placed for sterilization is made of wear-resistant quartz glass that can withstand the abuse of extended service at normal working temperatures.

This robust device can be locked in place for stability. The temperature and shock resistant design means reliability. Safety features include a built in spray protector for handling pathogenic contaminated items. Any residue left on the quartz tube can easily be cleaned.

About The Manufacturer

WLD-TEC GmbH was founded in 1992 by Andrea and Bernd Wartewig in Germany. Currently it only has 9 employees. They take pride in their role in expanding educational opportunities. Its co-partnershiped with the Technical College of Hildesheim/Holzminden/Göttingen and actively promotes the training of future engineers.

This relatively small innovative company is growing fast in an international market. Their current specialty is in the design and manufacture of safety gas burners for the microbiological, gene, and bioengineering markets. They currently have strong partners in France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Manufacturing facilities for medical technology and laboratory customers include a 300 square meter production area that is state of the art. The CAD workplace transfers the design to CNC lathes, punch presses, and cutting machines through high tech 3D laser processing centers. Special hydro-mechanical form presses enable the production of products using high-strength stainless steel. In short, the company is dedicated to making high precision and high quality laboratory devices.

On July 2nd through the 4th 2008 in Tokyo, WLD-TEC GmbH was involved with the 7th International Bio Forum & Bio Expo Japan. They are scheduled to attend Achema 2009 to be held in Frankfurt Germany on 11th through the 15th of May. For more information and links about the SteriMax, click on ThomasNet.