On June 19, 2009, Steris Corporation announced another new product: Resert  XL HLD High Level Disinfectant.  This broad based microbicide was developed with the help of Virox Technologies using their proprietary AHP ™ (Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide) formulation.  With one rinse, Resert accomplishes its sanitizing task without leaving any cytotoxic residue. It also doesn’t prompt the formation of biofilm on medical instruments.

This non-aldehyde disinfecting agent works because hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient and oxidizer.  It’s a reliable and versatile alternative to glutaraldehyde.  This type of product is much safer for patients and staff than the prevalent alternatives.  Virtually no inhalation risk and a milder odor means there are far fewer sensitivity issues. Fumes are almost completely eliminated.  Because of this, anaphylaxis and other severe reactions are not a serious concern when using instruments sanitized with Resert.

The effectiveness of the chemical solution remains strong for up to 21 days from the first use. It can be reused several times over that period which reduces the cost-per-use considerably. It ends up having about the same value per unit as other, equivalent processes.   Cycle time is reduced from a 20 minute soak to only 8 minutes at 68° F. No additional heat is needed in automated processors.  This reduces energy costs. Instrument turnaround is also dramatically improved.  Surgeons are more likely to receive their aseptic instruments on time and when they need them.  This, in turn, can increase morale for the entire OR staff.

Resert is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  Mixing and measuring are not required because of the prepared nature of the product.  It is easy to use. There are no venting or special disposal procedures. The cleaning agent can safely be rinsed down the drain.

About Virox

Virox Technology is an innovative leader in the disinfection market that typically acquires partners in the development of products using accelerated hydrogen peroxide for specific purposes.  Headquartered in Oakville, Ontario in Canada, they are a research oriented company that focuses on the development of state-of-the-art anti-microbial technology.  Recently they have been on the forefront of the battle against SARS and the H1N1 viruses.

Virox has sold licenses to companies doing business with the dental, medical, and veterinary device sterilization markets. They also partner with clients that sell products to the aquaculture, animal grooming, and dairy industries. Basically they are in the business of selling their knowledge, patented technology, and expertise to other companies so that it can be deployed more effectively in the war against germs.

Their main innovation has been finding a way to make hydrogen peroxide stable enough that it can be safely used as a disinfectant and commercial cleaner.  They did this by combining H2O2 with otherwise inert ingredients. These ingredients become catalysts that make the hydrogen peroxide even more effective as a germicidal agent.  Efficacy of AHP has been verified by third party researchers and scientific organizations in Canada, the United States, and Europe.  In short, AHP is safer, faster, and cleaner than most other alternatives.

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