Eagle MHC has a new product and it is making waves in the equipment handling sphere. If you are in the market for surgical case carts you can now choose an open wire design that will allow you to identify container contents at a glance. QuadTruss (a patented Eagle design) gives the shelving units added strength and a retaining edge helps keep your material in place. Since the multiple grooves on each cart post are only an inch apart you have a wide range of shelf placement options.

Stainless steel construction makes this model corrosion resistant and easy to clean. Each unit comes complete with non-marking polymer casters to protect your flooring and an easy to use brake system to keep your cart in place wherever you park it. Want tote bins? They are an available feature made of highly durable engineered polymer.

If your use of this equipment brings it into contact with liquids you can tilt the lowest shelf forward for easy drainage. The makers of this cart have also made a concerted effort to eliminate design features that allow for bacteria and other contaminants to collect in the inside corners and crevices of the unit. Finally, you can also custom order a cart to meet your specific industry needs – even models compatible with automatics lifts are available.

Many people are not aware that stainless steel is actually designed to “stain less” – not to be impervious to any and all rust spots. However, the company still offers a 15 year warranty against significant rust or staining (defined as covering more than 5 percent of the surface of the equipment). They also offer a lifetime warranty against corrosion on the stainless steel posts and rails of their LifeStor with MicroGard system. These warranties apply to both dry and cool storage uses.

Rack It, Stack It, Roll It

The MHC division of Eagle Group has a vast selection of racking systems for healthcare, laboratory and cleanroom environments. I counted over two dozen different applications for these industries on their website and that doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the models available for each application. Gowning racks, surgical carts, solid and perforated cleanroom table tops – the list goes on and on. This company is a full scope supplier for any storage, transportation, or workspace item that can be made of steel or polymer.

Headquartered in Delaware, Eagle Group has been around since 1947 and is continuing to grow. Their 10 point quality system may be one of the reasons why. The Eagle manufacturing process includes such quality control measures as:

  • first-article inspection and testing – in-house, in real-time
  • automation of key manufacturing functions for consistency (including use of the newest robotic technologies)
  • custom crating and boxing of all equipment to minimize shipping damage

These products are also designed to meet demanding health codes and all outside components are quarantined and sample-inspected before being incorporated into the manufacturing process.