In May, Thomasnet featured a short piece introducing Sussman’s new, high quality saturated steam “ES” boiler model. This versatile unit can be used in many industries. The company’s electric boilers are found in hospitals, laboratories, and food processing plants – anywhere pressurized steam is required. This equipment requires only electrical and water connections so installation is straightforward.

Sussman‘s machine can produce steam at pressures of up to 100 psig. The ES model features a safety valve and vessel that meet ASME requirements. It also comes with automated controllers for liquid level and pressure monitoring. Vessel components that come into contact with moisture are made of stainless steel. The fittings and pressure vessel undergo passivation to make them corrosion resistant. During this chemical process, a thin layer of oxidized/inert material is formed on the steel surface. Passivation removes excess iron molecules that could rust and flake off.

These boilers meet UL and CSA standards. They are designed and constructed in the U.S. for both domestic and foreign markets, so the manufacturer is very familiar with international criteria for safety and reliability. Each unit is fully tested to ensure proper operation. Sussman boilers can be used with laboratory and medical autoclaves. The SSB model is specifically designed to produce clean steam. This purified, superheated water vapor is largely free of substances that can cause unwanted buildup and possible contamination in the sterilizer chamber and around the valves.

More About Sussman Electric Boilers

This manufacturer boasts a 75+ year history as a leader in the industrial boiler field. The company offers steam generators for large and small scale applications. Many models can be used for hot water creation, humidification, and booster heating. These electrical units provide clean operation since they do not require any on-site combustion process to generate heat.

All of Sussman’s boilers are designed to work with water that has 1 meg ohm-cm specific resistivity. This is a fancy term that refers to the purity of the water and its mineral content. A water treatment service company can conduct the appropriate tests to measure the resistivity of water in a particular feed supply. They can also recommend additives that will correct any alkaline deficiencies. Sussman offers the option of complete automatic blowdown systems to effectively handle the buildup of dissolved solids in the equipment. The actual blowdown and drain valves come standard.

Other standard features include a sight glass that allows the operator to visually check the water level. In addition, a cut-off device automatically goes into action if the level becomes too low for safe operation. The pilot light indicates whether or not the boiler is on and a manual on/off switch allows the user to be in complete control of the boiler’s electrical circuit. Each unit is supplied with a long lasting, industrial grade heating element.

If your company has a boiler in place and is looking for a compatible sterilizer or autoclave, check out our report. This free information covers the basics you need to know about selecting the right equipment for your facility.