Having high quality equipment makes all the difference in sensitive laboratory environments where consistency and reliability are the pathway to achieving valid, consistent test results. The broad range of new Touchclave sterilizers by LTE Scientific lets you choose the features that will best conform to your requirements.

The tiny Touchclave-R 40 is small enough to mount on a bench and the front and top loading floor models can be purchased in sizes up to 160 liters for larger applications. Options include steam generators, effluent retention, water jackets, and vacuum systems. LTE has added a “Push-n-Seal” feature that runs through locking, sealing and unlocking automatically as part of the cycle making the Touchclave a machine that you really don’t have to “touch” very much at all.

Flash cards are standard on all models for extensive data storage capacity. Preset and programmable wash cycles are available on each unit. The diagnostic system displays a simple “pass” or “fail” message at the end of each cycle with additional information accessible on the details of any problems. You can also add a modem that allows remote communication with trained autoclave technicians to give you a quick diagnosis and expert advice. The available Uni-program system offers a low cost alternative for labs that run the same type of cycle for every load.

Floor models can be upgraded to include a Cat 3 vacuum system with a liquid ring pump which helps cool and dry contents while removing air from the chamber. Non-condensable gases are run through a .2 micron filter and liquids are fully sterilized. Most of these autoclaves come with a condensate unit that converts water back to steam so it will drain off without damaging plastic components.

LTE’s Standard Options Raise Standards Across The Industry

Each Touchlave machine is loaded with great features that increase efficiency and safety. The cylindrical chambers of each unit house steam reservoirs and displace air upward as the cycle progresses. A cut off valve ensures that low water levels are detected quickly and excess pressure is handled by a relief valve.

LTE Scientific advertises its air ballast system as a feature that doesn’t cost the customer extra but brings emphatic benefits to autoclave operation. As air replaces steam during the cooling process the cycle time is significantly shortened while keeping the risk of boil over and breakage to a minimum.

These sterilizers also come standard with armoured load probes for temperature monitoring, built in condensate bottles, and single phase electrical supplies. Another eye catching innovation LTE is introducing is the Sterling Anti-Bacterial powder coating. This non-toxic but highly effective sterilizing agent will be applied to the company’s full range of products from autoclaves to ovens, incubators, and freeze dryers. The treatment is intended to reduce cross contamination and has tested well to kill microbes such as E-Coli and resistant Staph.

Visit LaboratoryTalk for links to even more specs and information from this company. The full range of additional options available takes several pages to enumerate and includes features never before incorporated into this type of autoclave!