Ever since the Tylenol poison scare in the 1980s, companies have looked for new and innovative tamper proof or resistant labels and containers to protect their products. The Badger Tag & Label Corporation has developed an adhesive label that leaves a ‘Void’ imprint on the surface of the product when it is peeled away.

So far, these labels have been primarily used for trailers that indicate load weight. Under most circumstances these tags and labels should rarely, if ever be removed. Removing one leaves evidence behind. Because removal can be relatively easy to identify, void pattern adhesive labels have a wide range of use and application.

Badger can preprint the labels for their customers before delivery. More conveniently, the end user can imprint them with laser, dot-matrix, thermal transfer printing, or handwriting. Although silver and white are standard, such custom labels can be tinted with any color.

Regardless of color, a clearly visible void word pattern is left by the adhesive when somebody tampers with something that has a label attached to it. This expedites the process of identifying these potentially tampered items. Furthermore, creating such specialized tags and labels is effective and versatile.

The simplicity of the idea allows you to substitute the word void for something else, if necessary. The point is that these labels are customizable. The actual word they leave is not important as long as it draws attention to the specific problem – whether it is fiddling, altering, messing around with, or outright tampering. You want to find the item and get it out of inventory or stock as quickly as possible so that your customer will not have to deal with any potential problem.

A Low Tech Solution To A High Tech Problem

Keeping track of inventory that may be handled by lots of people can be a major problem in many industries. Tampered products can have an adverse affect upon a manufacturing company’s reputation and profit line unless these items are identified quickly and easily. Using one of these labels as part of a seal on warranty parts can save a company a lot of money and provide the end user with assurance of product quality or purity.

Tracking and quality assurance is especially important in the electronics, computer, and healthcare industries. It can be equally true for any business that handles sealed containers. Airlines might want quality assurance for meals and beverage carts. Shipping and cargo containers often require seals and attached documentation. Pre-filled medications that you get from your pharmacy sometimes need special labels or seals, especially when it is the over-the-counter or comes through the mail. Sterile packages need labels that should only be removed by the end user.

Whenever there is a warning or information label that should not be taken off during handling, an adhesive pattern one can be attached. If it is gone, then there should be evidence that it once was there. Such use has the potential to lessen liability should something go wrong.

Badger Tag & Label Corporation has been in business since 1935 and is located in Random Lake, Wisconsin. They sell prints on both paper and synthetic stock to customers throughout the U.S. You can purchase them in singles, rolls, sheets, or ganged in whatever quantity you need. Please click ThomasNet for more information.