Attention all laboratory managers:If you ever purchased the original Market Forge manual STME or STME-L sterilizer, I am willing to bet that you will agree to the fact that they (the Market Forge STME & STME-L sterilizers) hardly ever have any issue with failures.  I started my career as a sterilizer repair man back in 1974, and I am making a statement here … those falks at Market Forge know ho to build a sterilizer, they know how to QC it, and nothing goes out the door before it passes many inspections.  Extremely reliable.For the last several years, Market Forge started to develop the digital version of the STME and STME L sterilizer.  However, only now they feel comfortable to announce that it will be ready to be shipped early part of 2014 (January most likely).
So if you want to order one, we accept orders right now.  Just let me know.  Click for details:  Market Forge Digital Sterilizer
Here are some additional bullet points:

  • Electronic controls and LCD display
  • Digital data printer and recorder
  • Programable cycles and parameters
  • Programable exhaust either fast or slow

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