Question: Where do I get Pelton & Crane COMPRESSOR FILTER?
Answer: You may get the Pelton & Crane COMPRESSOR FILTER HERE


Size: 1.08″ ID x 2.08″  OD x .31″ Thk. Material: Polyethylene/ Polyurethane Foam 40 micron Used with Air Compressor  Kit (Part #SCK020) and Pump (Part #3325086) Included in: Air  Compressor Kit (Part #SCK020), Sterilizer PM Kit (Part #PCK231) , and Sterilizer PM Kit (Part #PCK232)


PM Service Tip
 The OEM  recommends replacing  the Compressor Filter every  6 months or every 500  cycles (whichever comes first). Fits: Air Compressor



Thank you –
~Shlomo Savyon
Your Sterilizer expert