Thumb-ChuckCharles Fishelson is a sterilizers expert, and with the high risk of infections in the world today, why wouldn’t you trust your sterilization needs to an expert? Charles first joined, a leading industry expert, in 1995 and still serves as their Vice President today.

In this episode Charles and host Kimberly Henrie recap past topics, such as how important it is to use the correct sterilizer, what can happen if you don’t, and the different types of sterilizers, to segue into the topic for this podcast, which is selecting the right sterilizer for you.

One Sterilizer Does Not Fit All

Charles points out that all types of professionals, from dentists to tattoo artists, use sterilizers. But someone inking a tattoo might not require the same tools as the dentist who is cleaning your teeth or drilling out and then filling a cavity. Tune in to hear Charles go into more detail about specifics such as:

  • How different industries use different kinds of sterilizers
  • The basic, unique choices that are right for each industry
  • Requirements for different industries regarding sterilizers

In the first episode Charles and Kimberly discussed a dentist who did not sterilize properly. You will not want to miss hearing them go into more detail about the outcome of this situation, as well as tips for what you should see during an appointment with your own dentist regarding the tools he uses.

Steam versus Dry Sterilization

Tune in to hear Charles answer Kimberly’s questions about steam versus dry sterilization. He explains what happens with each method, what can happen when the wrong method is used, and which methods different industries should use — from dentistry to veterinary health to nail salons and spas.

Listen to the entire episode now! And afterward if you have a specific question for Charles, you can contact him at or visit the company’s facebook page where you can post a question, a comment, or just get some general information.

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