Thumb-ChuckSterilizer expert Charles Fishelson first joined, an industry leader, in 1995 and still serves as their Vice President today. With the high risk of infection that humans face today, why would you trust anyone besides an expert?

In this episode Charles and host Kimberly Henrie discuss the history of sterilizers and autoclaves. They begin with the fact that sterilizers and autoclaves were first being used in the late 1600s, but didn’t become popular until nearly 200 years later!

Sterilizers Have Come a Long Way

How sterilization works in the real world today is a lot different than when people first learned its importance more than 300 years ago. Tune in to hear Charles explain the following:

  • Explaining the complicated-sounding definition of sterilization
  • The most common devices for sterilization in today’s world
  • How these devices work to sterilize things with time and pressure

Charles also takes time to answer questions Kimberly has about the above. These questions could be ones that are floating around in your mind, too!

From Steam Sterilization to Autoclaves

Tune in to hear Charles explain the pros and cons of the top three sterilization techniques throughout history, including dry heat, gas, and chemical vapors. You also will not want to miss hearing Charles explain why disinfectant alone, either with rubbing alcohol or some other substance, is just not enough!

Listen to the entire episode now! And afterward if you have a specific question for Charles, you can contact him at or visit the company’s facebook page where you can post a question, a comment, or just get some general information.

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