Question to chief trouble shooter:

What might remove burnt char from bottom of a Tuttnauer.  Green fluid leaked after cleaning and burnt onto bottom of chamber.  Chamber Brite not doing trick.

If there are  melted plastic, chamber-brite will not do much. Make sure the dry cycle is not used. This may take a few cleanings.

It can be hard to clean unless you use an acid.

They will have to run another cycle or two using chamber-brite.
1.       They can run a ½ package for no more than 30 minutes @250-260 degrees.
2.        Vent chamber and empty reservoir, refill with fresh water.
3.        While chamber is still slightly warm, use fine scotch-brite or a course side of a dish washing sponge and rub left to
right in the chamber (with the grain)
4.       Wipe out chamber
5.       Run another clean cycle
6.       Do #2 again
7.       Do #3 again
8.       Do # 4 again


Thank you,