Q: When the sterilizer was turned on this morning, it started making very loud sounds. The sound was so loud it made the fan rattle loudly. The temperature actually began to drop and when we attempted to run a cycle, an error message Err-31 came on and the machine was beeping continuously until the machine was unplugged. Please get back to me as soon as convenient. I tried to resolve this over the phone which would be quicker but would not be transferred was only told to refer to the website.

A: Error 31 is a low or no heat condition. Remove the drawer and turn the sterilizer on. Confirm that there is air movement inside the chamber and the main blower should not make any noise. If the main fan is pushing air and NOT making any knocking noises and there is still no heat, the heater element is probably bad and this can be confirmed by measuring ohms or doing a continuity test on it. If the blower is knocking, it would need to be replaced.

As of this date the parts for repair of Original style Cox Sterilizers is limited

Thank you –
~Shlomo Savyon
Your Sterilizer expert